AT&T Sports Networks - Chain Reaction


In July of 2017 ROOT Sports rebranded to AT&T Sports Networks. Pinto Pictures helped in the effort, producing live action spots for the network. Our goal was to show the emotional connection fans share to amazing moments in baseball.

With the help of the client we isolated key plays from the current season for the Rockies, Astros and Pirates and developed scenes that highlight all the feels one gets watching your favorite team pull off the win in dramatic fashion.

Every job presents challenges. For these spots we had to create custom versions for the Denver, Houston, and Pittsburgh regions! Every shot was repeated with wardrobe and set design changes.

Overall, a job well done by a talented and inspired team!

Production Company :: Pinto Pictures
Director :: Brian De Herrera-Schnering
Producer :: Julia Wechsler
DP :: Adam Bove
G&E :: Light Source Denver
Audio :: Cody Troyer
PA :: Matt James
PA :: Caitlin Goodbar
MUA :: Stephanie Adams
MUA Ast :: Samantha McConnell
Talent :: Wilhelmina Denver

Post Production :: Pinto Pictures
Editor :: Jeff Wilson
Additional Editing :: Ricardo Cozzolino
VFX :: Derek Superville

Post Audio :: Coupe Studios Boulder
Producer :: Libby Clearfield
Engineer :: Kip Kuepper